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SeeSaw brings the excitement of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram directly to your website. With captivating video content, intuitive navigation, interactive buttons, and targeted calls-to-action, SeeSaw effortlessly guides visitors through an innovative customer journey.

SeeSaw: interaction and engagement by design. It’s time to kick off our production process!

Building Your SeeSaw

Your Scripts & Shot List

Following this production meeting, the next step will be receiving your script and shot-list for your specific SeeSaw funnel videos. Funnel videos are specific paths created for users, such as About Us, FAQs, Services, and Testimonials. Each of these funnel videos will have a concise script, typically containing around 30-50 words. To maintain organization and clarity, every video script and shot list will be labeled with the spoken content at the top and the corresponding visuals beneath.

In order for every aspect of the process to run as smoothly as possible, we require that the script and shot-list be finalized before we start filming.

Once the script is finished, it will be recorded by a voiceover artist. We have a diverse base of men and women available to perform your video’s narration.

Example Complete SeeSaw Script Document

Shoot Day

The shoot day is the most exciting part of the entire process! It’s best to be fully prepared to ensure filming goes off with a hitch. Have people, places, and props ready before your videographer arrives. Before your shoot date, your Producer and videographer will reach out to confirm that you’re ready for the fun ahead.

And remember, each individual appearing on camera MUST sign release forms before filming commences.

Completing Your Video

Footage Options

Utilizing Pre-Existing Footage

We simplify the process by utilizing pre-existing footage for SeeSaws. By seamlessly incorporating your footage, we create compelling videos that effectively convey your message, saving you time and effort in the production process.

Stock Footage

Stock footage refers to pre-recorded videos that are available for licensing to be used in various projects. This versatile footage can enhance any production by providing supplementary footage or establishing specific scenes quickly and efficiently.


AI Characters

Animated AI testimonials are authentic reviews presented in a visual medium, utilizing AI-powered characters. These animated testimonials provide a compelling and engaging way to showcase customer feedback and enhance your brand’s credibility.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3


OpenReel can be a valuable tool in producing marketing videos by providing a seamless remote recording experience. It enables you to remotely direct and capture high-quality footage from any location.

Open Reel

Studio Options

Our studio features a green-screen ideal for video shoots, allowing the creation of professional news anchor-like footage against a variety of backdrops.

Final Steps

Once your videographer finishes getting the necessary shots for your SeeSaw, they’ll send the footage off to our editing team. After that, it won’t be long until your Producer emails the completed SeeSaw to your inbox so that you can review it.

You can either request revisions or approve your SeeSaw right there!

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