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Commercial filming comes with countless questions. What do you want your video to convey? How do you go about scheduling and coordinating details for a shoot? When do you make time to get it all checked off your list?

At CGI Digital, we understand that shooting a video is an exciting (but sometimes stressful) experience. If you’re ever confused or don’t know where to start, our video production team is here to provide answers and solutions. After all, allowing your business to be a star on camera is our business!

Our Video Production Process

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Final Steps

Media Library

Check out our media library to get inspired! Here, you’re able to view hundreds of our completed videos and filter searches to specify the business type as well as video length and style.


What should I have prepared for the video shoot?

People: Make sure anyone speaking or appearing on camera has committed to showing up at the day and time of your shoot. Additionally, It’s crucial that everyone signs a release form.
Places: If we’re filming at an office, do your best to tidy the space up so it looks attractive on camera. If we’re going to a job-site, make sure all necessary permissions have been made in advance and that the space is ready to film.
Props: Whether you want to show off a fresh pizza hot out-of-the-oven or a state-of-the-art dental appliance, make sure it’s okay for a close-up and easily accessible.

Can I make edits to my script and shot-list?

Absolutely! While our production team is composed of digital marketing experts, we understand that you know your business better than anyone. If any wording feels off or certain visual ideas don’t fit with what you want to capture, just let us know.

Upon receiving your video script, you’ll have approximately one week to request and make edits. After that week has passed, your script will be considered finalized.

Do we need to film the shot list in the order it’s written?

No, you can film based on availability and what schedule works best for you within the shoot time. You are responsible for organizing talent and any locations. We typically recommend that we capture any shots with people first and get the rest done afterwards.

Do I need to memorize my lines for any on-camera reads?

No! We recommend clients visit This tool makes it easy to copy/paste lines for people speaking on camera. All you have to do is click “Start Prompter” and you’ll get all the functionality of a TelePrompter. Your videographer might have a physical TelePrompter available — if you have any questions about your videographer’s equipment, please contact your producer!

What happens if the weather isn’t ideal on the day of my video shoot?

We handle this on a case-by-case basis as it depends on your shot list and what’s required for filming. We may be able to film most shots without worrying about the weather affecting our ability to capture quality video. If we’re hoping to get primarily exterior shots, it’s best to let your Producer know about a potential weather issue as soon as possible, so they can make a judgment call.

Photos are a great alternative if we run into weather trouble — we can film all interior shots and showcase your exterior with a compelling photo. You also, of course, have the option to provide any footage that you’re particularly interested in highlighting.

What should people appearing on camera wear?

On-camera fashion do’s:

  • Solid colors
  • Button-down shirts
  • Blouses
  • Sports/business jackets
  • Shirts with company logo/branding

On-camera fashion don’ts:

  • Stripes
  • Busy designs or graphic t-shirts
  • Clothing featuring a logo belonging to a different company/brand

What happens after my video shoot?

The editing process takes 5-6 weeks for business clients and 6-8 weeks for community clients. However, this timeline is dependent on the season. Your Producer will send a video proof to review via email as soon as it’s ready!

What happens after my video is approved?

Your client development manager will reach out to review the activation of your video with you. They will assist you in getting your video live and fulfilling your contract!

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